October 2021 Monthly Goals

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Every month, I like to set five goals to accomplish. One in personal finance, health, social, learning and career/business. A goal is a future envision, result, or experience that is planned to be achieved. We all have things we want to achieve, but until we have a plan, those wants are wishes, not goals. For October 2021, my goals are: 

  • Spend $100 or less eating out
  • Run 1 mile 4x a week
  • Call 1 friend each Saturday
  • Read for 30 minutes a day
  • Post 1 blog post a week

Spend $100 or less Eating Out


Eating out is the biggest weakness in my budget. In October, I want to conquer this weakness. In my observation, the root cause is because of a lack of tracking and meal planning. Not tracking my spending in eating out leads to blindly spending. Not planning meals leads to eating out rather than cooking. With these solutions, I will achieve my goal to stay on budget eating out.

Run 1 mile 4x a Week


Fitness is a very important part of life. After all, health is wealth. I mean, who wants to gain wealth and not be healthy enough to enjoy it. My motivation for this goal is to get back in shape. I will achieve this by starting to workout again and get a routine down. My goal is to run 1 mile at least 4 days a week.

Call 1 Friend each Saturday


I’ve built many relationships over the years. It’s not easy to stay in contact with people when you don’t see them often or live near them. I’ve been guilty of this myself. Now communication takes two people for it to work. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t be the first one to reach out. So my goal is to call one friend every Saturday to foster the habit of staying connected.

Read for 30 Minutes a Day


I was that kid growing up who loved to read and lived for the book fairs. I remember countless times I would stay up reading after bedtime in the dark until I fell asleep. This year I’ve been a sporadic reader. I would start reading a book every day and then stop to pick back up weeks later. Then, either never finishing it or finally finishing it months later. I still love to read, but haven’t built up the habit of reading. So, while I pursue my goal of reading 30 minutes a day, I plan to find the time and place that works best for me.

1 Blog Post a Week


I’ve finally got back into the groove of consistently posting weekly on the blog. Consistency is a key to success but is easier said than done. To keep my streak alive, I will continue to develop my habit of writing and build my system of posting. In doing so, I will achieve my goal of posting to the blog every week.

Final Thoughts

We all have goals, whether or not we acknowledge them. It’s hard to track something you don’t know. Writing our goals and making them known is the first step to making them a reality. Make sure you aren’t the only one who knows about them. Accountability is one of the secret tools to achieving goals. After all, that’s one reason I’m sharing mine.


Determine your monthly goals and share them.

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