January 2022 Monthly Goals

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Every month, I like to set seven goals to accomplish. One in personal finance, health, education, family, social, career and income. A goal is a future envision, result, or experience that is planned to be achieved. We all have things we want to achieve, but until we have a plan, those wants are wishes, not goals. My monthly goals are determined by my yearly goals. For January 2022, my goals are: 

  1. Get an overview of current finances
  2. Create workout schedule
  3. Create a list of all my courses
  4. Create a list of get-togethers
  5. Create a list of ways to meet new people
  6. Start a brag book
  7. Find a side hustle course

Get an overview of current finances

Analyze accounts

How we manage our finances affects us personally, for better or worse. I want to increase the positive impact finances have on my family’s life. My finance goal for 2022 is to get my family’s financial house in order. It will require getting an overview of finances, defining goals, and implementing improvements.

To support my yearly goal, my monthly finance goal is to get an overview of the current finances. I will create a list of accounts and expenses to highlight any quick wins. Total up the income, debt, and spending for calculations. Calculate net worth, debt-to-income ratio, and credit card utilization to see debt and credit management. Get an idea of how much money is kept by calculating cash flow, savings rate, and investing rate. Once an overview is completed, I can then identify the areas of improvement. To achieve this goal, I will schedule a time to sit down and go through the finances to compile an overview.

Create a Workout Schedule

zealously pursue change

After all, health is wealth. I mean, who wants to gain wealth and not be healthy enough to enjoy it. I want to make my health and fitness a lifestyle. My health goal for 2022 is to lose 10lbs. It will require both dieting and exercising.

To support my yearly goal, my monthly health goal is to create a workout schedule. Having a schedule will give my workouts structure and purpose. I won’t have to piece together workouts as I go. To achieve this goal, I will look up some examples and trial what works for me.

Create a List of All My Courses

online courses

I believe in voluntary and self-motivated ongoing learning, aka lifelong learning. Learning is enjoyable to me and I embrace the challenge of learning something new. I want to continue learning to grow, improve, and stay connected. My education goal for 2022 is to complete 10 online courses. It will require planning and dedication to complete.

To support my yearly goal, my monthly education goal is to create a list of all my courses. By creating this list, I will get a total count of courses I’ve enrolled in. Then identify the ones I have not completed yet. The list will also categorize the courses. To achieve this goal, I will go through my emails to find all the courses.

Create a List of Get-Togethers

Family vacation

Family is important to me. It’s easy to be caught up in the busyness of life and miss family get-togethers. Staying in touch with family and getting together is a choice. I choose to make family a priority. My family goal for 2022 is to have at least 4 family get-togethers. It will require picking dates and locations.

To support my yearly goal, my monthly family goal is to create a list of get-togethers. As a family, we will need to find dates everyone is free. Then we will have to pick locations. At least one of these locations will be international. To achieve this goal, we will meet as a family to discuss dates and locations.

Create a List of Ways to Meet New People

meet new people

Relationships are a key part of life. Building and maintaining the bridges of relationships can take us to endless destinations. My social goal for 2022 is to meet 4 new people. It will require being open to going outside of my comfort zone.

To support my yearly goal, my monthly social goal is to create a list of ways to meet new people. There are many ways to meet new people. I look forward to building these new relationships and seeing where they lead to. To achieve this goal, I will research ways to meet people with common interests.

Start a Brag Book

create list

I believe in growth in all areas of life, especially in careers. So, I’m always looking to be challenged and grow. Because I hate to stay stagnant and I’m not the type of person to do the same job for 40 years and retire. My career goal for 2022 is to get a 10% or more raise in my salary. It will require capturing my value add.

To support my yearly goal, my monthly career goal is to start a brag book. A brag book is the documentation of your wins and value added at your job. This documentation is helpful for performance reviews and requesting raises. To achieve this goal, I will document my accomplishments as I complete them.

Find a Side Hustle Course

additional income

I believe in an abundance mindset. This leads to looking at ways to increase income. The most common way to increase income is to add additional sources of income. With extra income, you can pay off debt, build wealth or save more. My income goal for 2022 is to start a new side hustle. It will require finding a side hustle that works for me.

To support my yearly goal, my monthly goal is to find a side hustle course. I want to learn the skills for properly starting and making money from a side hustle. It’s also important I pick a side hustle that is sustainable and able to grow. To achieve this goal, I will research courses to take.


We all have goals, whether or not we acknowledge them. It’s hard to track something you don’t know. Writing our goals and making them known is the first step to making them a reality. Make sure you aren’t the only one who knows about them. Accountability is one of the secret tools to achieving goals. After all, that’s one reason I’m sharing mine.


Determine your monthly goals and share them.

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