Hi I’m Dwight

Hi I'm Dwight

In today’s world, you can meet people in so many different ways: on an app, on social media, or even on a blog. So, please allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Dwight Johnson Jr. I’m an engineer by day and financial enthusiast by night. Those who know me well could attest to how passionate I am about personal finance.

My passion came from facing different financial situations as a college student. With the main ones being budgeting and student loans. I’m sure many of you can relate and like me weren’t taught about finances growing up. My financial struggles inspired me to learn more about finances and start WIZE MONEY LLC.

As I searched for solutions and tools, I realized only a few catered towards college students. And even less catered to variable income. So, I started working on my own tools and solutions. While the tools develop, I decided to start a blog to start conversations. With the purpose of increasing financial literacy and promoting financial success.

There are many ways to financial success and we can learn from one another. I will share my experiences and knowledge on various topics. Some of my friends in the industry will contribute as well. In return, I’d love to hear your experiences with finances. Feel free to comment below or contact us about topics you’d like covered.

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