December 2021 Monthly Goals

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Every month, I like to set seven goals to accomplish. One in personal finance, health, education, family, social, career and business. A goal is a future envision, result, or experience that is planned to be achieved. We all have things we want to achieve, but until we have a plan, those wants are wishes, not goals. For December 2021, my goals are: 

  1. Review purpose of all accounts 
  2. Lift weights 3x a week
  3. Finish Reading the 2 Books I Started
  4. Book Family Vacation Using Points
  5. Text 1 contact a day
  6. Create a list of schools for MBA
  7. Determine top 5 business goals for 2022

Review Purpose of All Accounts

Analyze accounts

I have 37 accounts. These include 7 banking, 16 investment, 10 credit, and 4 debt. I know at first glance this looks like a lot of accounts. Right now, I do not have a threshold for the number of accounts, such as 4 banking accounts. I prefer to focus more on the purpose because it shows me if the accounts add value or not.

My finance goal is to review the purpose of all my accounts. In doing this, I will sort which accounts to keep and which to close. I will also know what each account is used for and be able to nickname them accordingly. To achieve this goal, I will add this to my annual financial review and keep an updated list of all my financial accounts to review before opening a new account.

Lift Weights 3x a Week

zealously pursue change

Health and fitness are a very important part of life. After all, health is wealth. I mean, who wants to gain wealth and not be healthy enough to enjoy it. I want to make my health and fitness a lifestyle. 

To make this a reality, my health goal is to lift weights 3x a week. By doing this, I will continue to make strides in improving my health and fitness. I have a home gym and recently added a bench to do new workouts. I will achieve this by habit, stacking on top of my habit of running 1 mile 4x a week.

Finish Reading the 2 Books I Started


I’ve been reading for 30 minutes a day and tracking my reading time through Apple Books. I’ve developed a habit of reading for 30 minutes before I go to bed by adding reading to my bedtime routine. Now I treat reading like brushing my teeth. I can’t go to bed without doing it.

My education goal is to finish reading the 2 books I started. This will help cement my reading habit and get me to 4 books read this year. Oh, I will get to go into 2022 with new knowledge to apply. To achieve this goal, I will continue to read 30 minutes a day and more on my off days from work.

Book Family Vacation Using Points

Family vacation

Going on family vacations has many benefits. You get to build memories with your family, visit and explore different destinations, enjoy relaxation, and so much more. In 2022, I want to take at least two international vacations. One destination has already been selected and the travel dates selected. The lucky destination is Belize.

My family goal is to book this trip using only my travel points. This will be my first time travel hacking. It will also be the first vacation I’ve booked for completely free. To achieve this goal, I will use the points earned from my Chase Sapphire Preferred and Hilton Honors travel cards.

Text 1 Contact a Day

review contacts

I’ve built many relationships over the years and have 704 contacts in my iPhone. These contacts include friends from childhood through today, professionals, business, text alert numbers, and so on. Now I would be lying if I said I stay in touch with all 704. I don’t remember all the names in my contacts. I changed my number a few years back and some of my contacts probably don’t have my new number.

So, to fix this, my social goal is to text 1 contact each day. By accomplishing this goal, I will clean up my contacts list and reconnect with contacts. To accomplish this goal, I will go from A to Z, skipping business contacts like the doctor’s office, deleting contacts no longer needed, and texting my remaining contacts.

Create a List of Schools for MBA

create list

I’ve been a professional in my career for 5 years and have taken over 500 hours of training. I’m a fan of growth in all areas of life, especially in careers. So, I’m always looking to be challenged and grow. Because, I hate to stay stagnant and I’m not the type of person to do the same job for 40 years and retire.

To continue my career growth, my career goal is to create a list of schools for MBA. Getting my MBA is a career goal I want to accomplish in the next 5 years. Creating the list will be the first step towards getting my MBA. It will also help me determine the costs, value, concentrations available. I will find a program that fits my timeline, has my desired concentration and is affordable. I will achieve this goal by collaborating with others seeking to get their MBA.

Determine Top 5 Business goals for 2022

investing goals

Every year, I set goals for my business. As 2021 comes to an end I want to start looking . I review what I’ve accomplished this year and what needs to be accomplished next.

My business goal is to determine my top 5 business goals for 2022. This will help me set targets to improve and grow my business. It will also help me discover what resources, skills, and connections I need. I will achieve this goal by evaluating  and creating SMART goals.

Final Thoughts

We all have goals, whether or not we acknowledge them. It’s hard to track something you don’t know. Writing our goals and making them known is the first step to making them a reality. Make sure you aren’t the only one who knows about them. Accountability is one of the secret tools to achieving goals. After all, that’s one reason I’m sharing mine.


Determine your monthly goals and share them.

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